Best Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investors With 100% Financing In 2022
Best Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investors With 100% Financing In 2022

Of course, investing and running a real estate business is not for everyone. However, even the most successful people need capital to determine the financing and fire up their plans.

If you’re interested in developing your investment strategy in real estate, you have probably already considered flipping homes. Or, maybe you have thought about the buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat method.

Regardless of your strategy and motive, we assume that looking for the best hard money lenders is the first step of your plan. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place since we’ll present you with four fantastic companies that may help you achieve your goal.

Top 4 Hard Money Loans Companies In 2022

  1. eMortgage: Overall Best Platform Offering Hard Money Loan
  2. Lending Tree: Recommended Hard Money Lending Company
  3. Lexington Law: Reputable Law Firm For Bad Credit Score
  4. Axos Bank: Trusted Private Money Lender For Fast Loans

#1. eMortgage: Overall Best Platform Offering Hard Money Loan


HSH Company, one of the most trusted mortgage resources since 1979, offers a fantastic online platform where homebuyers can find mortgage lenders and compare services. eMortgage, empowered by HSH Company, is one of the best, if not the best online loan marketplaces for all who want to find suitable and credible lenders and take a loan.

This platform has numerous fantastic features, allowing you to get in touch with various loan providers with just a few clicks. You won’t have to wait in lines and carry thousands of loan documents. With eMortgage, you may connect with a potential lender in just a few minutes.

Through eMortgage, you may be able to find lenders who give mortgages, home refinances, reverse mortgages, bridge loans, home equity, and even hard money loans.


eMortgage’s strongest feature is the company’s loan form. While there are numerous online lending platforms, only the best and most efficient ones can provide convenient loan forms that can be completed in several minutes.

To fill out the form and send it, you’ll have to answer questions and give personal and financial information. However, unlike going to the bank or the lender’s office and spending precious time, you’ll need around ten minutes to send the request.

The best part is that several lenders will review your request. If the lender you have visited in person denied your request, you’d have to do the entire application process all over again. With eMortage, you’ll have to apply only once, and that’s the most important advantage, given that time is money.

This platform can share up to five lenders who can give you an offer adequate to your request. Once you receive them, you can compare the terms, as well as the rates, fees, and loan repayment plans.

Of course, the previews contain the contact information of the lender, and you’ll decide whether you’ll proceed with the procedure or apply once again. Moreover, you can visit the official website of the lender and check their business. That way, you can learn about the potential offers and the way the lender works. Also, you can contact the lender and request a different arrangement or another loan type different from the one you have requested on the loan form.

It’s important to note that eMortgage is not a lender, and the company doesn’t have any impact on the loan offers you may receive whatsoever. This means that no representative of the company can guarantee the terms you’ll receive or give you promises about the loan you may obtain.

However, being a matchmaker between you and a potential lender allows eMortgage to serve you for free. This means that applying for a loan or using the platform in any way will not cost you money.

Since you’ll have to give sensitive data, like your personal and financial information, being protected is imperative. That’s why we selected eMortgage to be a part of our list. It offers excellent protection and security through multiple security systems, including 256-bit AES encryption on the information you enter on the website.

We should also note that eMortgage doesn’t require sensitive details like the social security number for those who want to use the comparison tool or the mortgage calculator. However, you should keep in mind that if you want to get a loan, you’ll have to submit all information required by the lender.

Through this lending platform, you may obtain several loan types. Four loan types are presented on the website, those being mortgage loans, home equity, home refinance, and reverse mortgages.

However, eMortgage has a broad network of private lenders. Therefore, you may be able to find other loan types as well, including hard money loans or bridge loans to fill a gap in traditional financing during property repair or for investment purposes.

=> Click here to visit the official website of eMortgage


  • Empowered by an experienced and trusted companies
  • Free-of-charge comparison tool
  • Mortgage calculator
  • A broad network of credible mortgage lenders
  • Advanced security
  • Convenient and easy-to-do application


#2. LendingTree: Recommended Hard Money Lending Company


LendingTree is an all-in-one online lending platform with over two decades of experience in providing safe and convenient connections between borrowers and lending companies. This company was born in response to the uncomfortable waiting rooms and never-ending lines of people waiting to deliver their loan requests to the banks.

Establishing connections with numerous credible lenders and creating a convenient online space for all visitors made LendingTree one of the best loan matchmakers in the entire industry.

Every person who has needed a quick loan in the last two decades has heard of this company. Moreover, millions of those people have successfully managed their situation thanks to this prominent loan marketplace.


Applying for a loan at LendingTree is super convenient, thanks to the company’s hassle-free loan form that will not spend much of your time. You’ll probably spend around ten minutes answering questions related to the loan type you want to obtain.

LendingTree has joined forces with numerous reliable and credible lenders and lending companies. That’s why you may receive offers within minutes after sending the loan application.

Of course, after you receive the offers, it’s only up to you to decide whether you’ll choose an offer and proceed with the process, as LendingTree doesn’t obligate customers to accept the offers. However, one of the most beneficial features that this platform offers is the comparison tool, which we’ll discuss in the next subsection.

Once you send your loan request, LendingTree will try to find lenders whose working methods are similar and adequate to the needs you have included in the loan application. The company may show you several offers within minutes after you apply.

Among the many fantastic features this company has, we think that the ability to compare offers is the best one. With this feature, you’ll be able to see which offer suits you the most and thus help you make the best decision.

Using LendingTree is entirely free for all visitors and customers of the website. You can even download the company’s mobile app and use the service while on the go.

LendingTree is more than just a lending platform. The company offers a fantastic marketplace with numerous tools that may help you improve your score and credit history and even give you tips on how to repair your credit. You can also use the comparison tool and the loan calculator.

Even though the best hard money lenders don’t need your credit score to give you a loan, making improvements can positively affect your future investments and allow you to increase your savings.

Last but not least, the main service provided by this company is hassle-free access to numerous licensed and trustworthy lenders who practice fair and responsible lending.

LendingTree has earned appreciation and respect from millions of customers for many reasons. However, the provided security is among the most important ones.

Standing at the top of the industry for so many years is one of the biggest indicators of the company’s care for its customers and their privacy. The company employs numerous security measures and bank-grade technologies to ensure customers’ safety and privacy.

It’s crucial to note that LendingTree doesn’t provide loans of any type. Moreover, the company doesn’t have access to the offers you may receive or the contract between you and the lender.

Therefore, when we say “available loan types,” we’re talking about the loans you can apply for through the website and potentially obtain. Lendingtree collaborates with numerous lenders who offer various loan types. Thus, you may qualify for mortgage loans, home refinances, home equity, and reverse mortgages.

However, the loan choice is quite extended, containing business loans, auto loans, student loans, and personal loans. You can also apply for various types of insurance. Moreover, LendingTree may help you out if you’re interested in credit or bank-related products, such as credit repair, debt relief, credit cards, monitoring, etc.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lending Tree


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Free and easy to use
  • Numerous loan and credit-related services
  • Highly secured
  • Available mobile app


  • Some applicants with poor credit scores may receive unfavorable rates.

#3. Lexington Law: Reputable Law Firm For Bad Credit Score


Lexington Law is a proud owner of one of the best, if not the best, credit repair companies in the industry. Before starting the review, we have to point out that many advisors say that you don’t need credit repair to collaborate with the best hard money lenders and get a loan.

However, starting a business, making investments, flipping homes, or even planning to buy a new house while still repaying the mortgage for the current one can be complicated. Once you qualify for a hard money loan and start the process, you may need additional money, and fast unsecured loans can do the trick.

In this case, you probably won’t qualify for a business or personal loan at favorable rates if your credit is poor, which is why a respected, experienced, and trustworthy company like Lexington Law may be very helpful.

For almost two decades, Lexington Law has been helping people improve their credit and, thus, indirectly helping them improve the quality of their lives. Professionally analyzing customers’ credit histories and helping them dispute inaccuracies with credit bureaus and creditors made Lexington Law a successful credit repair company with a very high percentage of resolved cases.


First of all, let us tell you that collaborating with the attorneys at Lexington Law will not be just another boring and time-consuming activity you’ll have to do three times a week. The team standing behind the company is made of a group of sophisticated, highly-educated, and experienced professionals that appreciate clients’ time.

Therefore, the application process required for obtaining the services provided by Lexington Law takes place online. To become a client, you’ll have to create an account on the website.

The account creation requires information, including your first and last name, email address, phone number, street address, and zip code. After submitting the request, you’ll have to select the subscription plan that suits you and e-sign the legal agreement.

Furthermore, thanks to the company’s customer-centric principles, you don’t have to sign up online. Instead, you can contact the company’s phone number and use the services over the phone.

It’s important to note that creating an account on the company’s website won’t hurt your credit score.

Lexington Law has helped millions of people sort out their credit, clean their reports, and eventually even improve their finances as a credit repair company. To do that, the company employs various tools and processes, and you can access those services as a part of your subscription plan.

The company offers three service packages that vary in price as well as the service range they contain. Even though the premium subscription contains all services for a faster credit fix, many people successfully repaired their credit scores with the standard subscription too.

The available plans are Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus. They contain various services, with the essential being identifying errors on your credit report (credit dispute process) and contacting lenders on your behalf (creditor interventions).

So, if you purchase Concord Standard, Lexington Law will start working on identifying negative items and check if they are valid. After identifying and checking the errors, the company sends reports to credit bureaus and requests removal. Further, the company will send goodwill letters to lenders and ask them to stop reporting your late payment if you have paid the debt on time.

The additional services coming with the other more expensive plans are lost-wallet protection, junk-mail reducer, personal finance manager, report watch alerts, and regular credit reports.

You shouldn’t worry about your safety and security when using the Lexington Law website for educational purposes or credit-repair services. The site has bank-grade security because Lexington Law utilizes Secure Sockets Layer, an advanced encrypted technology, on every website page where personal information is collected.

This company employs advanced security measures and precautions to provide safety and privacy. It protects your data from theft, loss, misuse, destruction, alteration, or unauthorized access through technical, physical, and administrative security procedures.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lexington Law


  • Experienced and reliable law firm
  • Multiple subscription plans are available
  • It provides extensive education tools
  • Numerous satisfied clients


  • Concord Standard doesn’t include a free monthly credit report.

#4. Axos Bank: Trusted Private Money Lender For Fast Loans


Last but not least, we’ll present you with the services provided by this fantastic all-online bank. Even though standard banks don’t provide hard money loans, Axos Bank offers more than just regular banking services. The company is often considered the best and most convenient US bank and one of the best hard money lenders in the industry.

Established in July 2000, Axos Bank is considered a veteran in digital banking. Ever since the beginning, the company’s team has developed numerous tools to increase clients’ convenience, so many people moved their private and business accounts from their previous banks and chose Axos instead.


The application process differs depending on whether you want to create a personal or a business account. Further, the business accounts are divided into several categories according to the business type, whether your company is a general partnership, a limited liability company, a profit or non-profit corporation, an association, or another company type.

Of course, more documents are required for opening a business account. Besides your first and last name, SSN, date of birth, and address, you’ll also have to submit a business name, address, and tax identification number. You must provide evidence to prove the validity of the documents.

However, it is a fact that the application process for opening an account at Axos Bank is way easier than doing the same at a traditional bank. The entire process takes place online. Moreover, Axos Bank is run by a fantastic team of efficient employees that will do their best to finish your work as soon as possible.

Axos Bank is user-centric and developed to the point where you can use the company for personal and business purposes. The company offers all standard-bank services, except you don’t have to go in person to use them. Axos doesn’t even offer ATMs. Instead, clients can use an ATM nearest to them or any other.

The banking services include:

  • Savings accounts without monthly maintenance fees;
  • Checking accounts with no monthly minimum balance requirements, no overdraft fees, no monthly maintenance fees, and unlimited ATM fee reimbursements;
  • Money market accounts;
  • Many other perks like earning and saving on all signature-based purchases.

Of course, Axos Bank offers numerous types of loans. You can apply for mortgages, auto loans, student loans, personal loans, refinance mortgages, business loans, bridge loans, and many other credit-related products. The company also acts as a loan marketplace, meaning you can use it to calculate rates, installments, fees, loan schedules, and overall loan costs.

  • Bridge and construction lending

One of the many specialties of Asox Bank is the company’s comprehensive offer of real estate specialty bridge and construction loans. The bank provides loans to owners, investors, and developers, who need time for improvement, financial support, or funds to boost their investments.

You can apply and may qualify for loans of up to $75 million. Of course, these loans have several specific eligibility requirements. However, since bridge loans are similar to hard money loans, you may obtain funds regardless of the credit. These loans have up to 3-year terms. Still, there’s a possibility to negotiate extension options.

Axos Bank provides real estate loans specifically designed for these property types:

  • Mixed-use
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Pre-development
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Multi-family
  • Condominiums
  • Security

It’s not surprising that an experienced and reliable company like Axos Bank has highly-advanced security. That’s why many people feel safe trusting the company with their personal, financial, and business information.

This online bank employs a series of security measures and systems to protect its clients’ privacy and provide them with security. Those security protocols and measures include advanced encryption, firewalls, and automatic logouts of inactive sessions. Moreover, the bank actively monitors activity for potential fraud and unauthorized access.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Axos Bank


  • A trustworthy and experienced company
  • Full-service bank
  • Convenient online service
  • Numerous banking and lending tools


  • Non-US companies can’t open business accounts

How We Made The List Of Hard Money Loan Companies?

Our article is based on thorough research and customer experience from people who have been in the same or similar situation as you. Therefore, the list of the companies we have reviewed here is not conventional.

Unlike many of our colleagues from other reviewing teams, we’re not here to convince you what to do or decide on your behalf. On the contrary, we’re more like the companies we have reviewed for this article. We want to show you the features that make these companies the best in the business and why they helped millions of people.

These companies are successful because they support their customers. We won’t claim that your issues will be magically resolved. However, millions of satisfied customers testify of these companies’ efficiency, customer care, and the convenience they provide.

So, instead of giving you false advertising and making promises that some lenders will give you fix and flip loans, we decided to give you more options. Each of the companies here provides bank and credit-related services that may benefit you.

Here are the criteria we set when we researched. We’re glad to report that the companies on our list successfully meet and even exceed these industry standards.

Looking for hard money loans can be challenging, and the last thing you need is to collaborate with a young and inexperienced company since that may lead to some not-on-purpose mistakes. Therefore, we looked for companies that do what they do for a longer period.

Being in the business for many years has other advantages for clients too. The fact that the companies work for more years, logically points out that customers are satisfied enough not to report them and that the companies know how to do their jobs.

Each of the companies we reviewed operates online. Although companies offer online services these days, many of them require clients to go in person to sign contracts.

We believe that whether you’re an investor or a homebuyer, you don’t have to spend time going to the bank, the attorney, or the lending company every time you need to use a service. That’s why we made sure that the companies we will choose will offer all-online services.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the companies’ websites are very well designed, have an intuitive and responsive interface, and can be optimized to fit every device. Some of them even have launched mobile apps for easier usage.

The companies we chose have high ratings on many reviewing platforms and forums. Millions of people are satisfied with their work. Whether customers needed credit repair from Lexington Law, access to lenders through eMortgage and LendingTree, or direct loans and savings accounts from Axos Bank, they were promptly served.

According to the reviews, most customers highly recommend these companies to the people who need quick solutions, education, transparency, and quality services.

How to Find the Best Hard Money Lenders?

We understand that each homebuyer, constructor, or investor has its criteria and needs when it comes to hard money loans and plans. However, we believe some rules come from industry standards and apply to everyone who wants quality and transparent service.

While we encourage you to do your research and set your criteria according to your needs, we want to share with you several important factors you should consider while looking for hard money traditional mortgage lenders and loans.

The most important thing to research is the trustworthiness and reliability of the lending company you want to contact. Check the traditional lenders and their experience in the business. We also recommend reading as many reviews as possible. Although each situation is different, you can find information in the reviews that may be valuable for you.

If you’re interested in online banking or using an online lending platform, you have to ensure that the company takes care of the clients’ safety and privacy. Identity theft, unauthorized access, funds theft, private data misuse, and other fraudulent activities are common these days. Therefore, you shouldn’t give your personal and financial information unless you’re sure the company employs advanced security protocols for protection.

Whether you need a credit repair, short-term loans, or mortgage calculators, you need them as soon as possible, especially if you’re into the flipping-homes business. Therefore, we recommend checking the company’s service speed before sending requests. See if you can find information about the approximate time needed between the approval and the funds’ transfer.

We also recommend discussing with the lender the time needed for the transfer. If you plan to invest, time is crucial, and you may miss the chance if you don’t cash immediately. Talk to your lender and see if they can include the expected time in the contract.

FAQs On Hard Money Lender

Q1. Can I get hard money loans through lending platforms?

Usually, lending platforms don’t offer loans themselves. Most of them act as a bridge between potential borrowers and potential lenders. Therefore, you can use reliable, experienced, and secure lending platforms like eMortgage and LendingTree to access lenders who work with those particular loan types.

Q2. Do I need a good credit score to obtain a hard money loan?

You should know that some lenders may inquire about your credit score to check your financial situation and repayment behavior. However, even if they do, that will likely be a soft inquiry that doesn’t harm credit.

The biggest characteristic of hard money loans is that they are based on the value of the investment property borrowers put as collateral. This means they aren’t calculated or approved based on the borrowers’ credit scores. Therefore, you don’t need excellent or good credit to obtain a traditional loan.

Q3. What are hard money loans used for?

Hard money loans have multiple purposes. However, people commonly request them because they want to invest in real estate. Real estate investors take loans to buy low-cost properties, repair them and thus increase their value. Then, they sell them for more money.

Hard money loans are also often used to buy commercial properties that don’t qualify for conventional financing or purchase rental properties.

Conclusion: Hard Money Lenders Near Me

Each company we have reviewed has specific features and provides an excellent user experience. The companies helped millions of people sort out their finances, improve reports, monitor credit, invest, develop their businesses, and thus, eventually improve their lives.

Whether looking for the best hard money lenders, credit or bank-related services, credit report improvement, education, advice, or loans, eMortgage, LendingTree, Lexington Law, and Axos Bank may provide you with the help you need. We hope our reviews will help you choose the most suitable company.


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