Here’s how couples can save money

Here’s how couples can save money
Zola found that two-thirds of the more than 3,000 couples surveyed went over budget for their 2022 wedding.

Krista Gramstad of South Carolina, an October bride, said she sometimes wishes she and her fiancé had just eloped.

The 31-year-old has already spent around $10,000 on her wedding and is trying to find ways to cut the extra costs. But with high demand and inflation driving up prices, she said budgeting was tricky.

Gramstad has already reduced the guest list from 250 to 180 to cut costs and is trying to find 30 more names to drop.

“I didn’t realize how necessary wedding planning was until I got engaged. It’s an endless list,” she said. “The more we fill up, the more I’m like, ‘Oh my God, where are we going to get all this money from?’ “

Krista Gramstad, who plans to get married in October 2022, browses wedding dresses.

Zola wedding site found two-thirds of the more than 3,000 couples surveyed are going over budget for their 2022 wedding. Industry experts shared seven tips with USA TODAY on how couples can cut costs.

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1. Cut the guest list

The most common tip for saving money on a wedding: Cut the guest list.

“Most couples want this big experience where you have over 150 guests, and I have a few brides who want 300 guests to show up at the wedding,” said wedding planner Simone Sophie Walker. “(Sometimes) it won’t be in the budget.”

Wedding planner Simone Sophie Walker says cutting down the guest list can have a big impact on costs.

Alyssa Pettinato Wedding Planner Alinato Events said a higher percentage of guests this year said “yes” to weddings.

“People used to do this thing where they over-invited and then had a 20% dropout rate or something. And now it’s like, oh no, people respond. We could be above our numbers,” she said. “Apart from (moving your wedding) to a Sunday or Friday, I always say to people trying to save money: hey, the only way to cut the money without compromising too much is to cut the list guests.”

Alyssa Pettinato, owner of wedding planning company Alinato Events.

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2. Get a credit card with rewards

Maria Roloff, a wealth management advisor at Myklebust, Horne and Fies Financial Group, a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group, said using a credit card for wedding purchases to earn rewards points for the honeymoon can be a “great idea”.

“If you’re going to put expenses on a credit card, I always say pick one that offers rewards,” Roloff told USA TODAY.

She warned couples to check the interest rate on the credit card before signing up to make sure they’ll be able to pay the full balance, otherwise the card ‘could potentially become more expensive than points that you accumulate”.

Wealth management advisor Maria Roloff said using a credit card for wedding purchases to earn rewards points can be a

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3. Delay marriage

Shane McMurray, CEO of The Wedding Reportsaid couples can push back their wedding date to see if inflation and demand abate.

“The best thing to do is probably wait,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy, but the supply chain issues and the demand for supplies and services (will) subside at some point. Things will catch up. We’re going to get back to some sense of normality of supply.”

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