Nearside celebrates new business owners and unsung heroes
Nearside celebrates new business owners and unsung heroes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nearside, a neobanking platform founded on the belief that starting a business should be easier, has updated its brand to better align with its mission. The brand’s core values ​​are also reflected in a series of videos showcasing the struggles and triumphs of new business owners. One of these videos was nominated for the 26th Annual Webby People’s Voice Awards. Produced by Blind Hummingbird Productions, the short documentary Pink MahogHany paints an intimate portrait of a first-time entrepreneur’s financial journey to success.

“We are honored to be able to use our brand and platform to celebrate the perseverance of new entrepreneurs starting businesses, many for the first time,” said Nearside CEO Thomson Nguyen. “The Small Business Spotlight series conveys our company values ​​through the extraordinary stories of the hard workers our company serves.”

“There aren’t a lot of perfumers of color, especially women,” Chavalia said in her Webby-nominated video. “I used all the finance I could, no loans, whatever I saved went straight back into the business. From there, I opened my Etsy shop. For help growing her business, Chavalia turned to Nearside, whose mission is to make it easy to grow a business.

Nguyen founded Nearside in 2018 to provide new entrepreneurs and self-employed people – a combined market of 60 million Americans – with fair financial products. As the son of immigrant parents who came to the United States after the end of the Vietnam War, Nguyen understands firsthand the obstacles faced by new entrepreneurs, especially those who come from underserved communities. The name “Nearside” reflects the team’s commitment to being alongside new business owners through the ups and downs of working for yourself.

The services and resources that Nearside offers to its clients are tailored to new entrepreneurs. These include free business banking with transparent pricing, 2.2% unlimited cash back on business purchases in 2022, free ATM withdrawals, small business loans and software discounts. and the tools.

Like Nearside’s details in their brand launch, key design elements underscore Nearside’s commitment to being a partner (not just a supplier) to entrepreneurs. Avoiding the overused design patterns commonly used by others in the financial industry, the Nearside design team opted for brighter, warmer imagery to stand out from traditional financial institutions and to convey camaraderie, trust and accessibility. The new branding includes an abbreviated version of the logo’s “N” symbol – designed to look like an open door, hinting at the endless possibilities for growth that come with taking control of one’s financial freedom.

“Letting our customers know that we were built with them in mind was important to us, and that intention shines through in our online presence.” said Nearside Chief Growth Officer Tim Wu. “Our new brand serves as a gateway to our product ecosystem and helps us communicate our values ​​to our customers.”

Nearside recently raised a Series B round of $58 million and continues to grow. To learn more about the company’s product updates and future plans, please contact Anna Clark at to arrange an interview with CEO Thomson Nguyen.


Nearside is a financial services provider and neo-banking platform built on the belief that starting a business should be easier. Dedicated to serving the 60 million hardworking sole proprietors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and gigsters in the United States, Nearside provides free small business bank accounts with no monthly fees, overdraft fees, or ATM fees, and an unlimited debit 2.2% cash back card program in 2022 on business purchases. The company is based in San Francisco with hubs in New York, Seattle and Phoenix. For more information, visit



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