Melinda Hill
Spring clean your finances this season
Melinda Hill

With the spring showers reminding us that another season is upon us, I find the sound of the rain refreshing, but the mud I could do without!

Continued:Taking care of yourself is an important part of taking care of others

It gives me the opportunity to keep things at home that I might not have paid so much attention to during the winter. One was a reminder when a colleague of mine, Melissa Rupp of Fulton County, shared “Spring Cleaning Your Finances”, I hope you find her suggestions helpful.

Spring cleaning your finances can provide a fresh look at your financial situation and help clean up some financial mess with your money. Here are four starting points:

Spring cleaning your spending plan: This is the perfect time to adjust your spending plan. Is your current cash flow where you want it? If you’re not sure, start by writing down every expense on a calendar or journal for a week or month. Observe where your money is being spent and how much it is being spent. Then, adjust your spending (one coffee less per week) or adjust your budget (add money to your dining budget and reduce entertainment) to fit your goals.


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